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The Goal- Book Review Submitted By- Tejas Bhedi and Pranav Prakash The Goal is an international bestseller business novel. It was authored by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Mr. Jeff Cox and was first published in 1984 by The North River Press. It gives a significant insight into the day to day life of an operations manager and common challenges occurring in business practices and thought processes of the mangers. The story describes the journey of Mr. Alex Rogo, who works as a plant manager at UniCo, a manufacturing company. The story includes following Characters:- Mr. Alex Rogo- Plant Manager UNICO Julie- Alex’s Wife Dr Jonah- Physicist and Alex’s ex-teacher Mr. Bill Peach- The division Vice President, Alex’s Boss Alex’s Staff- Bob (Production manager), Ralph (Data Processor), Stacey (Inventory Controller) UniCo as a manufacturing company has been running in losses for the past few years. The factory produces machined assemblies, which are further processed to other plants in the Uniware division as a component of the final product. It also sells spare parts assemblies to larger end user customers directly. Rogo is faced with the company losing money due to his plant. His orders are constantly behind the scheduled delivery date. Finished goods inventory worth $20 million is unsold and sitting in a local warehouse. The items that are ready to be delivered are unnecessarily being expedited through the factory for recheck, thereby delaying the delivery process. As an outcome of

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