Review : Fifth Estate 's 40th Episode, The Interrogation Room

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Review: fifth estate’s 40th episode, “The Interrogation Room” Synopsis: Fifth Estate’s 40th episode, “the interrogation room”, essentially analyzes a murder case that occurred on November the third on 2006; the case revolves the shooting and death of a male named Mervyn “Mikey” Spence, who attending an Eric ‘Action’ Morgan’s birthday party. The case was investigated over the course of four years in which the Peel Police had made arrests, but through the use of controversial interrogation methods, were redirected to charge and imprison an innocent man, Morgan. The video further shows how strong alibis and witnesses recanted their statements after the interrogators held them for several hours being threatened and reprimanded; these…show more content…
Using this method build an unjust case which severed the reputation, traumatized and imprisoned an innocent man for two years and eight months. After having been through two trials, Morgan is finally a free man. (Q 2&3) Ethical Issues and Psychological Aspects in Morgan’s Case: As the video evidently shows, the overall case was fabricated with the use of psychological tactics that broke some fundamental aspects of ethics. Getting one to confess to a crime is never easy, hence borne the numerous methods introduced and followed by almost all law enforcement officers to “read” possible suspects during interrogations. Further, with the right assembly of personal/background information, the combination of circumstances/techniques, and psychological manipulation can even make the most hardened suspect to confess (“How Police Interrogation works”). To add on, there was a time when “physical abuse” toward the possible suspects during interrogations and the confession obtained thereafter was accepted in court (“How Police Interrogation works”); Not only is this a misuse of authoritative power, but also unethical—inflicting mental /or physical pain upon the individual to confess almost seems extreme. Similarly, in this case, lying/subduing

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