Review Of ' A Look At Why Stress May Be Good For You '

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Stress: uncovering its possible positive roles in health and society and strategies for coping with it in everyday life. Swati Upadhya Article Review Dr. Hien 6. August. 2015 Article Title: “A look at why stress may be good for you” by Steffan Stern. Published May 15, 2015. LA Times. Abstract Stefan Stern, author of the above cited article, presents information about the highly recognized health psychologist Kelly Mcgonigal. With a Doctorates of Philosophy in Health Psychology from Stanford University, Kelly Mcgonigal is revered as a leading expert on the new cutting edge field of “science-help”. Science-help is a sub division of health psychology which, according to the American Psychology Association, gathers questions, tests hypotheses and conducts field experiments to give society evidence based strategies to improve our everyday lives. Mcgonigal’s work for improving everyday lives is expressed by her views of stress and how it affects health in her international best-selling books, The Willpower Instinct and The Upside to Stress. In addition her hypothesis, a related article in the Washington Post by Brigid Schulte, also elaborated on Mcgonigal’s research and similar hypothesis in presenting the positive side of coping with the infamous negativity surrounding stress. In this paper I will summarize these articles, provide further examples in support of their hypotheses, briefly detect and highlight the flaws, identify where the research can be
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