Review Of ' A Man Of No Importance '

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A Man of No Importance is a musical that takes place in Dublin in the 1960’s. It follows the story of a young man, Alfie. Alfie is the director of a theater group, and also a bus conductor. Throughout the musical, he is directing his latest musical, while doing so, he not only uncovers new things about his actors and acrtresses, but himself as well. He is constantly struggling with his inner demons, which Oscar Wilde, the writer of the play Alfie is producing, helps Alfie sort through. Wilde is displayed as a figure of Alfie’s mind, helps him uncover. The first character I will be analyzing is Alfie. In many aspects, Alfie doesn’t live true to his authentic self. Throughout the musical he is clearly struggling with the fact that he does not like women. His sister often encourages girls, and questions why he doesn’t seem interested. He never explains to her that it’s because he likes men, he simply brushes it off, or claims it’s because he is too focused on his plays. His best friend is the man who drives his bus, yet will barely admit to himself that he loves him. Based on Alfie’s circumstances, he feels that he must conceal his true identity, this leaves him essentially living a lie. The society in this early time period played a large role in Alfie concealing the gender that he likes. Most weren’t accepting of gay people at this time, this is demonstrated when Alfie later gets beaten up for openly showing his affection or another male. His religion also plays a role in
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