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Review of: “A quantitative assessment of patient and nurse outcomes of bedside nursing report implementation” By Kari Sand-Jecklin and Jay Sherman Selamawit Negate NR439: Evidence-Based Practice 2017 Review: “A quantitative assessment of patient and nurse outcomes of bedside nursing report implementation” Introduction This is a review of a paper by Sand-Jecklin and Sherman(2014), which uses a quantitative method to compare traditional recorded nursing reports with an approach that uses a combination of recorded and bedside nursing reports.. The paper attempts to provide a quantitative answer to the questions whether bedside nursing reports make a significance difference compared to the traditional practice of recorded…show more content…
First, baseline data were collected on nurse perceptions about the shift report process and patient perceptions about nursing care were. The authors adopted the ‘Patient Views on Nursing Care’ patient survey tool (Larrabee et al. 1995) to perform the survey. Then same data were collected and analyzed three months and 13 months after the new approach was implemented. The data analysis approach included analysis of variance(ANOVA) to compare data collected during the baseline survey and data collected after the new approach was implemented. Data sample. Two types of data were collected through surveys, both before and after implementation of the combined approach (Sand-Jecklin and Sherman,2014). The first data was on nurses’ point of view with regards reporting process, and the second on patients view regrading nursing care. The baseline survey included 233 patients and 148 nurses, while the survey three months into the implementation period included 157 patients and 98 nurses. The final survey, 13 months into the impanation, was completed by 154 patients and 54 nurses. The patient survey also included responses from patient families. These were 70, 72, and 53 responses for baseline survey, three-month postimplementation surveys, and 13-month postimplementation surveys. The overall sample size, seems to be adequate. However, the fact that sample size for the nursing population is different for the
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