Review Of Alice Marwick 's Status Update Essay

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Book Review 2 - Status Update
Status Updates author Alice Marwick is an experienced academic observer of American online culture who subjectively weighs in on the new era of media and where this social media phenomenon is in this country let alone the world. This book takes you on a personal journey sheading light on old and new ideas such as, dot com era, Web 2.0, self- branding, Neoliberal capitalism, the up rise of micro celebrities, and online personas. Although precisely written and full of extensive qualitative research, this book is mostly over opinionated and anecdotal. A good amount of what Marwick is preaching isn’t necessarily true and full of negative rhetoric towards men such as Gary Vaynerchuk, a self-branding guru who she actually dedicates a part of her book too along with others. Most of the book is full of her first hand experiences in northern California tech start up hotbed areas where most of her work was done by good journalism.
The dot com era took off around 1997 and peaked in 2002, this idea like the name suggests was based off of large investments in internet tech companies whether they were profitable or not. Looking back, it’s easy too say that there was a lack of common sense or a lack of urgency to make money since it failed. Directly after Web 2.0 made its presents, and it wasn’t new software for computers or a site you can visit rather a time for social technology to improve. It was like an optimistic perception of a class being half full
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