Review Of Alice Morgan's On Narrative Therapy

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Book review What is narrative therapy? An easy-to-read introduction by Alice Morgan In her book on narrative therapy, Alice Morgan offers social workers a simple and comprehensive guide to the broader theoretical approaches of narrative therapy. In this way, Morgan parallels the core principles of narrative therapy to her own therapeutic conversations with clients to provide context and weight to narrative therapy theory. The principles follow a linear order, opening with acknowledging ‘people as experts in their own lives’ (2000, p. 2), client naming and externalising the problem (2000), unique outcomes and alternative narratives are recognised (p. 53) lastly, linking people within the narrative to thickened and sustained it (2000). Along these lines, this book review purposes to discuss a few underlying discourses that inform the principles of narrative therapy such as feminist, poststructuralist and postmodernist theories. In the third chapter, Morgan uses a postmodernist approach in guiding the reader to listen indiscriminately to the client’s narrative, deconstructing and noticing the meaning made in the words and events, as well as acknowledging what is said and what is not said. Morgan creatively draws a diagram to illustrate how the client privileges problem saturated events over other events, thus exposing the ways in which a dominant narrative is developed, exposing how things outside of this narrative become invisible. This method allows the client to separate

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