Review Of An Important Technology Tools

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Review of an important technology tools: Technology scan
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In the era of information and technology, new technologies are generated very fast. Thus, effective management of technology has become more and more important. Driven by the competitive business environment, a new word was born: Technology management tools. Technology management tools is “Effective Systems for managing technology in complex business environments require integrated sets of management tools and processes, underpinned by well-founded conceptual networks ” (Phaal et al, 2006). There are a huge number of technology management tools, but generally it is divided into four major types: Technology Scan, Technology Foresight, Technology Roadmapping and Knowledge Management.

Facing such huge amount of technology management tools, managers or consultants will have a big issue: How to find appropriate tools? How to assess the quality and utility of those tools? And how to apply those tools? A proper use of technology scan will solve these problems.

Technology Scan

In general, technology scan is a process, which helps decision-makers consider problems in a long-term view, and make right decisions to help the company be able to adapt the new situation fast enough due to the future uncertainty.

There are several definitions of technology scan to some different extents.
 Technology scanning is a foresight process
It means that we can expand a huge range of additional perceptions
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