Review Of Andy Weir 's ' The Martian '

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Upon its announcement we all thought this was a prequel to ‘Interstellar’, if you’ve seen that film you understand why, but it seems that after the joke cleared it’s ‘The Martian’ who’s going to ultimately have the last laugh. This film is tracking amazingly well, opening to resoundingly positive reviews everywhere it goes. Nevertheless, hype is a cruel mistress, one moment everyone loves your film and in the next it’s impossible not to be disappointed by the final product. Which is why I was excited but hesitant going in, and I didn’t necessarily need to be because this is an all-around crowd-pleaser.
Seriously, I think almost anybody could go into this and at least find some slight form of entertainment. The pinnacle of broad appeals
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I went into this expecting a soft humored drama, but this is through and through a very funny film without ever posing a threat to that dramatic tone. The comedy here serves the story, for the most part it’s all reactionary and situational humor, which is my favorite brand of comedy because it’s the most authentic.
The intertwining comedy and dramatic moments seamlessly adapted for the screen by Drew Goddard would be nowhere without the greatness that is this diverse, versatile and overall expansive cast. Matt Damon is put in an odd position here as an actor. He’s not given much to react to, he’s all alone for the vast majority of the film so that rules out any sort of human contact, he’s also not actually on Mars which rules out the planetary contact, he’s really only got food and practical effects to bounce his reactions off of. It can’t have been easy to tackle this role without much to respond to aside from direction and inanimate objects, but he manages to be remarkably charismatic and fun to watch in spite of the lack of a companion. In fact, Damon is so good that it’s disappointing when you don’t get as much of him in the final act as you did in the first two. Those first couple of acts are so entertaining and enjoyable that it’s almost jarring when the film kicks into the finale. The climax of this film puts a great deal of emphasis on you caring about the space crew, something you’ve not yet been given any inclination to do
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