Review Of Antwone Fisher 's ' Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders '

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Diagnostic Assessment
Antwone Fisher is a character who is very hostile and antisocial. He feels alone and confused by previous events that occurred during his childhood. Fisher is very withdrawn, unforgiving, and apprehensive. The constant battle of flashbacks denoting verbal, physical, and sexual abuse frequently interferes with his everyday life. The diagnostic criteria for post traumatic stress disorder explain the details of Antwone’s life in its entirety. Antwone meets the following criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition: “Directly experiences a traumatic event, experiences extreme exposure to aversive details of the traumatic event, recurrent, involuntary distressive memories” (271).
Physical and verbal altercations tended to be the most frequent activities that he was involved in. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of many disorders that was displayed in the behavior of Antwone Fisher. The symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder occurred during his individual psychotherapy sessions. He felt as if he was forced to re-live a past that he had left behind. Antwone experienced traumatic events very often throughout his life. The death of Antwone’s best- friend and abuse, were two of the major factors that played a role in his symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. Antwone couldn’t see that psychotherapy was actually molding him to forgive his past. He was always full of anger and rage. The psychotherapy was his

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