Review Of ' Ashes ' By Susan Beth Pfeffer

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District Common Assessment Essay 50% of children experience the divorce of their parents according to In Ashes, by Susan Beth Pfeffer, Ashleigh’s parents have been divorced for the last two years. She loves both of them but has a special soft spot for her dad. Ashleigh’s mom is a practical person and her dad is described as a dreamer. After a dinner with her father, Ashleigh receives a request. He wants her to to take her mom’s emergency money to pay off a deal he made. Ashleigh makes the decision to not give her dad the money because she questions the process and outcome, her father has a history of making irresponsible decisions, and the clouds symbolize her feelings towards her dad’s plan. Ashleigh is unsure of how smoothly her dad’s plan will run. After he introduces the idea to her, she asks many questions to reassure herself that everything will be fine and there will be no mistakes. “‘The money’s still in the teapot,’ I said, ‘What do you want to do, Dad?’ I asked, ‘Come into the apartment with me and take the money?’... ‘You’ll be able to pay her back by Friday?’... ‘What if mom finds out?’” (Pfeffer pg 4) Ashleigh is questioning how well this plan is going to turn out and is trying tell herself that all of the ‘what-ifs’ are handled. She is living in a one income household with the supplier being her mother. Ashleigh knows that the money in the teapot is what her mom has saved to help them incase there is ever an emergency. She

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