Review Of ' Battle Hymns Of The Tiger Mother ' By Dr. Benjamin Spock Essay

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One of the many arduous decisions parents face is how to raise their children. Over time, renowned thinkers the world over have identified and coined different distinct styles of parenting and their outcomes. Diana Baumrind is credited for her three styles of parenting: permissive, authoritarian, and authoritative. Amy Chua first identified a particular style of parenting characterized by strict regulations known as Tiger Parenting in her book “Battle Hymns of the Tiger Mother”. In contrast, free-range parenting, popularized by Dr. Benjamin Spock, takes a laissez-faire approach. Good Morning Today took a look at three distinct styles of parenting from the eyes of three successful children, to help see things from a different perspective.

The first style of parenting mentioned is known as “Tiger Parenting”. First coined by Yale law professor Amy Chua, the style has become a common household name. Strict regimen parents who prioritize academic success and scholastic achievements are characteristic of this style. Furthermore, high academic expectations and few freedoms typically await the child. Shanny Lee recounts her experience on being raised under a tiger mom. She recalls having to practice math problems at age five immediately after school. In her mother’s eyes, nothing below a B grade would be acceptable and she recalls feeling scared to come home with a lower grade. From this we can see that an extremely high standard was set at a young age. Although this made her
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