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In the article written by Benjamin Herold, he compares the online test to the paper pencil test that some districts chose. He notes, “A mounting body of evidence suggests that some students tend to do worse on computer-­based versions of an exam, for reasons that have more to do with their familiarity with technology than with their academic knowledge and skills.” Getting students prepared for the online assessments is one of the biggest challenges to administrators. As an educator, I have seen first hand what Herold is talking about. Herold states, “All children don’t have the same access to technology at home and in school, nor do their teachers use technology in the classroom in the same ways, even when it is present.” My students do not spend a much time in the computer lab because my building only has two labs. The schedule fills up very quickly. The students do not receive any training when it comes to technology. It is expected that children have a solid knowledge of technology because of all the technology they have at home. Confirming what Herold is writing about. I have been through both online and paper/pencil assessments. The students effort is quite different between the two. I am not sure if it is a mind over matter thing, but when it comes to paper pencil students tend to work harder. When it comes to the paper pencil test, the questions are in your face. You can not click next to show the next question. Students tend to recheck their work

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