Review Of ' Borders ' By Thomas King

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In fictional literature, authors use a variation of different types of characters to make their stories progress. Different types of characters fulfill different roles in the story, and can be defined by the characteristics they contain. Throughout a story, a reader will witness round, dynamic characters who are well-developed, complex, and change during the course of a story. A reader will also come across characters that will remain essentially unchanged, and even stereotypical, referred to as flat, static characters. Conflict in a story usually assists a character in their development. Although Laetitia from “Borders” and Piquette from “The Loons” both face conflicts with Native and non-Native culture, only Laetitia develops as a round, dynamic character as a result of her experiences, while Piquette remains essentially unchanged. The short story “Borders” by Thomas King follows an unnamed native mother and her twelve year old son as they attempted to go visit her daughter, Laetitia, at her new home in Salt Lake City. Laetitia was bored with her life on the reserve and was desperate to add excitement to her life. When her at the time boyfriend told her about all the incredible things in Salt Lake City, Laetitia became so intrigued and began to believe that it was “one of the best places in the entire world” (Kirszner, 223). Eventually, she made the decision to move there, even if it was against her mother’s wishes. Despite being opposed to her
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