Review Of ' Boys And Girls ' By Alice Munro

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The role of gender is a main point of many pieces of literature. One of those story’s is “Boys and Girls” by Alice Munro. This is a story of a girl who is in conflict between the role she wants to fill and the role that her gender prescribes to her. She would like to help her father in the business of raising foxes for their pelts, which is work normally ascribed to a man. This conflict causes her mother to disagree with the girl’s want to help her father. The mother is inclined to push for her daughter to help her with jobs in the house while her brother takes on a bigger role with helping their father. The initiation story in Munro’s “Boys and Girls” telling of a girl fighting gender roles emphasizes the conflict between social standards and individual freedom by allowing for freewill to flow through punishment and into conformity.

In order to remain free of the gender role that society would like to force upon the narrator of “Boys and Girls,” she helps her father with his business and showed defiance when confronted with a request to do as she should according to social standards. When she helps her father, she is sometimes with her brother, Laird, as well. She says “brother … and I … watched” (Munro 145) when they sat on the step seeing their father skin a fox. This action shows the girl’s freedom near the beginning of the story to be with the boys while work is getting done. Along with this, her mother was working in the house and to the narrator “It seemed … that

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