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Buddhism In Movies Movies today don’t show a lot of religion elements they are mostly focused on action, sex, romance, or adventurous. Before movies would talk about religions and how they work and also have a story to them. One movie in particular does a great job in portraying Buddhism. This movie is Little Buddha. This movie is both great for teaching and entertainment. Little Buddha doesn’t just entertain but also uplifts people’s spirits and leaves them with positive feelings. The movies does a good job in expressing the religion, it is not related to me because of the different beliefs, but it’s more related to Hindu people, the movie does have a message for the viewers, and it does have a purpose. A little bit about the movie:…show more content…
There was nothing in the movie that made the religion bad or not good in any way. The music in the movie also played a role, it gave it the positivity. The movie doesn’t relate to me because I am Christian. My beliefs are different. As an example, I think there is a God. It also challenges my religion beliefs. The movie and the religion say that there is no God to believe in a person is just trying to reach the inner-self and find Nirvana. In my religion I believe there is a god who I worship. Since I was a little kid I was taught there is a God in school also in the house by reading the Holy Bible. Also Buddhism in movie they say that Atman or soul in not a thing or that it doesn’t exist. In my religion I believe that everyone has a soul. Another thing the movie shows is reincarnation. Buddhists believe that after dying they are born again in another body with the same thoughts that they had in the past life. An example of that would be, when Lama Norbu tells Jesse’s father whose name is Dean about how the contents of mind are that same when a person is reborn. My beliefs are different. When I die I believe that my soul is going to another place which is either Heaven or Hell. I don’t believe that I would be born or at least that’s what my faith tells me. This Movie would relate to someone whose religion is Hinduism. That’s mainly because a lot of things are related to it such as

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