Review Of Charlotte Bronte 's ' Jane Eyre '

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Jane Eyre
Background of author
Name: Charlotte Bronte
Birth/Death: April 21, 1816 to March 31,1855
Facts that connect:
Mr. Brocklehurst is based off the Reverend Carus Wilson, the man who ran Cowan Bridge.
Bronte lost two of her sisters, Mary and Elizabeth, to tuberculosis at Cowan Bridge.
Bronte 's brother, Patrick, became addicted to drugs and alcohol before he died.
She, along with her three sisters, was sent to the Clergy Daughters ' School at Cowan Bridge.
Charlotte Bronte lost her mother when she was five years old, and was raised by her aunt.
Jane rejected two offers of marriage, but took one later; Charlotte rejected four offers of marriage, but accepted one later as well.
Bronte based Jane 's physical features off her.
They are both poor.
Bronte became a teacher, and later a governess.
Bronte eventually secured a job as a governess in a wealthy family.
Bronte also loved her master just as Jane loved Rochester (in this case it was Constantin Heger).
It has often been pointed out that Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bronte, as Bronte also struggled to come to terms with balancing her feelings and freedom.
It has also been pointed out that Bertha Mason is Charlotte Bronte. Both did not get to go out, failed to find love, and expressed themselves in unorthodox ways.
Literary Period: Victorian
Produced: October 16, 1847
Published: Smith, Elder, and Co., Cornhill
Country where written: England
Location: Gateshead, Lowood School,
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