Review Of Christopher Nolan 's ' The Dark Knight '

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Jalen Mathis Professor Drummond English 1101 4 December 16 Prompt #3 -Scene analysis I chose to analyze The Dark Knight (2008) directed by Christopher Nolan. My scene begins at 00:01:13 and ends at 00:05:54. I chose to analyze this scene because it contains interesting points that I have recognized, as the villain shows different characteristics, using aspects such as camera angles. In this analysis, I will be looking at the setting, lighting, sound and the use of the camera and how each of these views influences the audience. The setting within this sequence takes place downtown Gotham city in a building, from ziplining, on the street, to the van, outside of the building, and last inside of the bank. The scene starts, the camera zooms up onto a building. The window is then broken and the camera switches showing a masked man shooting a zip line across from the building to another building. The clowned mask is being used to hide their faces which is iconic and is an example you would expect to see in a heist film. The sound in the back ground is a fast-hard tempo beat which gives the audience the impression that this is a heist film. The next shot shows a man standing at the corner of the street holding a clown mask in his hand and a bag. The camera slowly zooms up to the mask leading the audience to believe that they may see the identity of the person holding it. This man is unlike the others characters he is not wearing his mask and this builds pressure, but this up tempo

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