Review Of ' Claire Of The Sea Light '

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Nely Montina
Mrs. Devine & Ms. Easley
Reading Circle
13 August 2015 Effects of Daughter Loses Mother & Vice Versa Edwidge Danticat’s, Claire of the Sea Light, creates a world that is rich of life and death with people who are ultimately connected through the events of their life in a small community. The titular character of her book is the central focus of her story within stories. Claire Limye Lanme is the little girl whose very being sheds light on those stories. She has lost something that she could never get back. She’s a daughter without her mother. So another mother wants her; Gaelle--a mother without a daughter. The powerful relationship between mother and daughter has an effect ranging from their health and self-esteem above all other relationships. So what happens when a daughter and mother don not have each other? Danticat answers this question as she portrays how Claire and Gaelle survive with their loss. From the moment Claire Limye Lanme opened her eyes for the first time she blinked without seeing her mother. Maybe those baby tears and her deep cry was her mourning the death of her mother. Perhaps she knew at that moment when her mother told her to “vini” (Danticat 218), to come to her, but was too late because “her mother was already gone” (Danticat 218). Unlike most babies when their first cry kick-start their lungs, for Claire Limye Lanme it was knowing that she’ll never see her mother again. Claire Limye Lanme losing her mother has different…
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