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Danielle 's POV: I was sitting in the car, listening to Black Veil Brides, waiting to get to a destination of a family friends house. "Mieeeeaaaaaa, are we almost theeeeeere?" I complain to my cousin, Miea who is sitting next to me staring out the window. "How should I know, if you haven 't been there neither have I. I don 't get told how long it will take us to get there." Ugh why is she such a smartass? "Because I know more then you." "WHAT THE HELL!!!" I yell shocked. "Are you-" "No, your face told me everything." I grumble from her knowledge of me. I start looking out the window, and see this GIANT ass mansion. "Whoa! IS that where were staying!?!?!" I yell. "I hope so, it looks badass!!!" Miea says, her childish side coming out. We get out of the car, get our luggage and start walking to the door. Miea 's POV: Me and Danielle walk towards the door, and I knock. "Hello! Anyone home!!!" Danielle yells. "Shut up thats rude!!" I lecture "Sorry mother." She sasses. The door cracks open and we see a pink eye peeking through the door. "Y-yes, do you need something?" the now known female asked. "Um, yes we were sent here by our family for some reason." I reply. "O-oh, come in so we can talk about it." "OK my name is Miea, and-" "IM DANIELLE, BOW PEASANT!!!!!" I smack the back of her head "Ouch..." She leads us to room? I don 't even know what it is. "Yui who are these two?" A man with glasses who appears out of nowhere said. "Um, they appeared at the door and said

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