Review Of David M. Greenberg Et Al Divided People And Their Musical Choices

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Your Choice of Music Can Reveal Your Personality One’s taste in music is at the top of the list when it comes to topics that can cause a heater argument. Musical preferences are sacred to most people and we tend to divide into small tribes over music, considering the other tribes as less sophisticated. Interestingly, your music choices are not a random grouping – your tribe isn’t determined by where your friends go. Instead, your personality and the music you like are interlinked, both influencing each other. Three thinking groups and their musical choices A 2015 study by David M. Greenberg et al divided people’s thinking into three separate thinking styles: the empathizers, the systemizers and the balanced. Each thinking style tended to favor different type of music, allowing the researchers to predict what music the person likes simply by understanding their thinking style. Empathizers feel connected to others, they have strong emotions and they base their decision-making often on emotional values. On the other hand, systemizers think more rationally. They are calm and composed in their decision-making. As you might suspect, the balanced thinkers are a mixture of both these styles. First, the empathizers were shown to prefer mellow music – low energy, sad emotions and emotional depth. The people in this group were therefore associating with genres such as soft rock, indie music and R&B. For the systemizers, this type of music wasn’t appealing. They were looking for a

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