Review Of ' Don 't Blame The Eater ' By David Zinczenko

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The title of my comparative stories are, “Don’t Blame the Eater” by David Zinczenko written in 2002 and “Junking Junk Food” written by Judith Warner in 2010. Food provides us with nutrition, but when is the nutrition considered too much? We live in a world where fast food is accessible at almost every corner. Why cook tonight when you can grab a burger for just a few dollars. A lot of families have parents that both work full time jobs. Sometimes it is an easier solution to grab a fast food family meal than to come home, cook, and clean the kitchen. I can personally vouch for that statement. But, over time those calories add up and can cause medical issues. A lot of children are having medical complications due to fast food empty calories. Is fast food the new tobacco? The claim by David Zinczenko is how can you blame the eater of these fast foods when they are so readily available? Commercials advertise delicious looking food and with fast food restaurants at every corner it is east to pop in and grab a bite. For some children it may be all they get due to parents having long work hours. The claim by Judith Warner is you can’t address or change specific eating behavior without addressing the way of life, which brings on that type of eating. She doesn’t go into detail over why people want to eat poor food choices but she has stated that there are two fronts to her claims. To fight eating differently it is fought on two fronts, which is the nutritional and the
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