Review Of ' Dr. Mcdreamy Stealing The Spotlight On Public Perception And The Contemporary Nursing Shortage

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From Greys Anatomy’s, Dr.McDreamy stealing the spotlight in every surgery to Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller starring a male nurse, there are so many negative remarks coming from movies and TV shows. In “The Negative Images of Nursing portrayed on Greys Anatomy, House and ER and its Effects on Public Perception and the Contemporary Nursing Shortage” Jacquelyn Bishop expresses a claim using illustration, cause and effect, and process analysis, of how in many shows there is a display of an unfortunate view to Nurses, such as making awful remarks towards male nurses, giving the audience the belief that nurses are a background prop behind the heroic Physician, and lastly how medical procedures are fulfilled and dealt with. Bishop uses movies and…show more content…
In Meet the Parents starring Ben Stiller plays a role as a nurse, Ben walks into the kitchen and is meets the family of his girlfriend, Pam. Pam introduces her sister’s fiancé, who is an M.D, and his father who is a Plastic Surgeon. When Ben tells them he is in nursing, they start laughing and say, “No, really what do you do?” They continue to ask him why he did not go for being a doctor instead of staying a nurse. He replies, “Nursing was just a better fit for me.” In many movies, the male nurse is made fun of simply because nursing is for women and being a Doctor is for men. Many men fight the stereotype, as being known as a gay-male-nurse. Many have believed that men should take the one extra step and become a Doctor, simply because it is manlier. Statistics have shown 9.6% of nurses are males, and that number continues to grow every year (USA Today). We could have the most outstanding, most caring, skilled, male nurses in the world, but most will not come forward, the reason being they do not want to be terrorized, since they settled at being just a nurse and nothing more. In the article one male nurse, Ryan McFarland claims, “This job is manly, simply because you must have the stomach for it; you must be able to handle moving residents from one bed to another, helping using bedpans, wrapping bandages and so much more. (USA Today). Bishop claims that this job is not just for the women who have caring hearts but as well as for the men in this
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