Review Of Eileen Chang And The Golden Cangue Essay

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2 Literal Review : Eileen Chang and The Golden Cangue
In this chapter, a literary review of Eileen Chang and her self-translated work the Golden Cangue will be conducted.

2.1 About the Author: Eileen Chang
Eileen Chang (张爱玲) (September 30, 1920 — September 8, 1995) was one of the most influential female writers in the modern Chinese literary history.
Eileen Chang was born in Shanghai in 1920, who was once called Zhang Ying (张瑛). She was the first child of Zhang Zhiyi (张志沂) (1896-1953) and Huang Suqiong (黄素琼) (1893-1957) . Both of Chang’s parents came from a distinguished bureaucratic family. Her grandfather, Zhang Peilun (张佩纶) (1848-1903) was son-in-law to Li Hongzhang (李鸿章)(1866-1916), an influential court official during the Qing Dynasty. Her maternal great-grandfather, Huang Yisheng (黄翼升) (1818-1894) was a prominent naval commander. In 1930, her parents divorced. Upon graduation from high school, Chang had a fight with her stepmother and father. She was beat and locked up for six months until she ran away to live with her mother.
Chang started school at 4-year-old. Her native language is Chinese but she also had a high ability in English. In 1939, Chang was accepted by University of London on a full scholarship, but because of the ongoing war between China and Japan, she was unable to attend. Instead, she studied English Literature at the University of Hong Kong. In 1952, Chang worked as a translator for the United States Information in Hong Kong and in 1960, she

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