Review Of Elder Abuse Nursing Care

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Literature Review: Review of Elder abuse Nursing Care

Elder abuse is global issue which is recognized as a serious and growing problem that impact individual, families and the healthcare systems (Erlingsson et al. 2012). According to Winterstein (2012), Nurses have major role in encounters with elder abuse. In spite of their important role, they are often not aware of the situation. The purpose of the literature review is to examine elder abuse in society, and how nurses react to its occurrence. The research includes ___ quantitative and ___ qualitative studies with dates ranging from 2008-2013. Themes that will be discussed include; Nurse’s responsibility in recognising and reporting elder abuse, Education and experience of
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(2009) reported that 10% of the nursing home staff in a telephone survey conducted in the United States said that they had committed at least one incident of physical abuse and 36% had witnessed at least one incident of physical abuse by others. There was a much high rate of reported psychological abuse whom 81% reported that they had observed at least one incident in the past year and 40% of the respondents admitted at least one incident of psychological abuse (Malmedal et al, 2009). Lastly, Yaff et al. (2009) study indicate that, while participants had been instructed to consider elder abuse from the perspective of those aged 65, individuals tended to focus on seniors who were 80 or older. The qualitative study in Sandmoe & Kirkevold (2011) indicated two abuse cases which were reported by other professionals to the community care. In one of these cases, the nurses had noticed that something was not right but had not thought about abuse. In addition to that, Daly et al (2012) indicated that nurses reported the types of abuse they encountered as emotional abuse, financial exploitation, neglect and physical abuse. Furthermore, none of the nurses reported sexual abuse (Daly et al, 2012).
Education and Experience Three studies reviewed that discuss education and experience of nurses’ related to elder abuse. Participants in studies were both male and female. The section includes one quantitative study and two qualitative studies range from 2011-2013. The research
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