Review Of Eleanor & Park '

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Chloe Reyes
Mrs. Kirkeby
English 10, Period 6
13 November 2014
Book Report Eleanor & Park

1. Title of Work: “Eleanor & Park”
2. Author and Date Written: Rainbow Rowell; 2013
3. Country of Author: United States
4. Major Settings:
Omaha, Nebraska 1986: Omaha is where Eleanor and Park reside in. A small simple town, where each resident is well acquainted with another.
• School Bus: Eleanor and Park first laid eyes on each other in the school bus. “The new girl took a deep breath and stepped farther down the aisle. Nobody would look at her. Park tried not to”.(7). As the main source of transportation to school for the a whole year, teens have chosen their “assigned seats” on the first day of school, sectioning off clicks and friends. “ “you can’t sit there,” Tina said. “that’s Mikayla’s seat.”.(8) Rowell uses the secluded atmosphere to emphasize Eleanor’s difference from the usual 80’s teen norm.
• Richie’s House: Eleanor is sent back to Omaha from a good friend of her mother’s, the Hickman’s, home when they get sick of catering to Eleanor. “Mr. Hickman kept telling his wife [...] “she’s not ours.”(36). Forced against her will to stay with her mother and now stepfather, Richie. Like her broken family, Eleanor now lives in a broken down home, Sharing one small bedroom with her four younger siblings and uses a bathroom connected to the kitchen. “This house was designed by cave trolls”(17). This is where Eleanor’s narrative really steals the spotlight. Her step-dad is
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