Review Of ' Fahrenheit 451 '

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Christian Reyes
Mrs. Righetti
Eng. 2 Accelerated Period 3
19 October, 2015
All about Knowledge “Don’t judge a book by its cover” (Bradbury 155). This is most relevant to modern day society due to the fact that people tend to judge others by their appearance. In this case, Montag tended to judge a book how others believed they should be treated, but never did his society want to take a challenge onto their puny lives just like how Guy Montag did after realizing the real significance behind books. Ray Bradbury’s compelling novel, Fahrenheit 451, is about a fireman, Montag, whom is trying to seek happiness, and freedom by believing that books function as a human being that can help him solve the problem he is currently facing. This novel is based upon a chaotic, collapsed society that relies too much on technology, putting aside books and abolishing them as if they were something “evil.” In the beginning, Montag would burn books with much pleasure believing that books are considered “evil,” but later on in the novel he confronts Clarisse, Faber, and Granger whom guided Montag to realize how wonderful a book can be, how much meaning and depth they have to improve one’s life, and how they can make one feel “reborn.” The most relevant theme in this novel is that knowledge can lead one to success, but if one only relies on ignorance then they will never experience true success. There are so many different types of allusions that can best suit this novel and…

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