Review Of ' First Job '

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Learn More and More Audience: Those who do not like learning In “First Job”, Iliana Roman recalls her learning experiences throughout her work life. Roman’s first point is to remain persistent even in the face of difficulty. Roman’s second point is to try and make everything a learning experience. Roman’s third point is to work with what is best, not what is easiest. Another point of Roman is to conduct one’s behavior as if he/she is a role model for all. Roman concludes that one should always give their best effort so they won’t let those who look out for them down. Iliana Roman’s article, “First Job”, illustrates the idea that jobs open up paths to learn and that one needs to always continue to learn in his/her life is very true. There are three statements in Roman’s article that are found to be true. She says if you are determined no one will stop you, friends and businesses do not mix, and all previous experiences help in everything you do. Roman’s article contains many factual statements and as a whole her paper is very true. Roman learns through her job experiences that if you are determined to do something you will accomplish it. As Roman states, “I think if you set your mind to learn something you’ll learn it; there’s no stopping you” (Roman 815). In the beginning of the story, Roman writes about the hard times she faced early on in her life. Her boyfriend caused problems which led to her dropping out of school. However, Roman’s desire to continue to learn never was
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