Review Of ' Frankenstein ' By James Whale

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Literature Review& Critical Analysis of Frankenstein

The 1931 film, Frankenstein, which was directed by James Whale changed the mad-scientist/horror movie scene permanently. Although it is almost a century old, people are still reenacting it and discussing it. This film is about a young man named Henry Frankenstein. Henry has an obsession with creating life. Fritz, Henry’s assistant, helped collect body parts from recently deceased corpses. The two men got to work, binding the parts together, to create a whole human body. Using electricity from a thunderstorm, they managed to bring the body to life. The assistant was messing around in the lab and switched the brain they were using with a deceased criminal’s brain. Little did they know that the person they created with science would become a psycho killer. Frankenstein had such a huge impact on the world because it mainly focused on science in a time period where science was rarely talked about. Teaching science during this time was unheard of. When this film was released, school teachers weren’t even allowed to teach evolution to their classes. This is one of the reasons why this movie was such a big hit and left such an impact on viewers.
Stephen Gould, author of many essays regarding science, explains the film further and touches on the science depicted in it. Gould focuses on the idea of nature versus nurture. He questions whether nurture really does effect the development of a human brain. Gould talks about…
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