Review Of ' Frankenstein ' By Mary Shelley

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AP English Literature Preparing for the Test Name: Jerry Ennolikara

Literature Template

Title: Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley

Era (written and setting):
Written in 1816, primarily in the North Pole, then the story itself goes from England to all over Europe to the Middle East, etc. Story takes place in early 1800s.

Characters (with key details):

Victor Frankenstein- the creator of the monster; engaged to Elizabeth for a long time; educated; obsessive; has regret after creating the monster; takes on a parent-type role;

The monster- unattractive appearance; starts with really good intentions that turn bad because of how people react to him; lonely; sad that Frankenstein doesn’t want him; angry that he is the only one of his kind; vengeful (towards the end of the novel);

Henry Clerval- Victor’s childhood friend; seemingly the opposite of Victor; cares about humanity and morality; killed by the monster;

Elizabeth Lavenza- adopted into the Frankenstein family when young; engaged to Victor for a long time; Italian; very pretty; killed by the monster

M. Waldman- attractive; Victor’s professor that encourages his interest in chemistry;

M. Krempe- Victor’s natural philosophy professor; discourages Victor’s interest in chemistry; unattractive;

Mr. Kirwin- accuses Victor of murder; later shows compassion towards him

De Lacey- the blind peasant; got kicked out of Paris; the only one who’s nice to the monster

Felix, Agatha, & Safie- the three kids that live
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