Review Of Franz Kafka 's ' The Metamorphosis '

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Bibliography of the Life of Franz Kafka There are several aspects about the writing of Franz Kafka that make it enticing to the reader and tantalizing enough to keep the reader intrigued. The narrative that I find most intriguing by Kafka is "The Metamorphosis." The Metamorphosis is a tale wherein Kafka essentially gives his perception of the story of his life through the use of storytelling devices, which without the use of them would have made it a less interesting tale. Franz Kafka was born on July 3rd, 1883. Kafka was a German writer who wrote short stories that typically revolved around bizarre and asinine plotlines. These stories were typically a mixture of realism and fantasy. The term Kafkaesque was coined in order to describe the content of Kafka 's stories. Kafka was born in Prague and grew up in a middle class family. Kafka studied in order to become a lawyer and eventually found work as an insurance agent. Due to the nature of his profession, he had a lot of own time. This led to him writing in his free time. His writing was not only limited to short stories, he enjoyed writing to members of his family, his significant other, his friends, etc. He wrote several short stories throughout his lifetime and a few of them were even published. Throughout his entire life, he always harbored an inferiority complex and thought of himself as physically and mentally repulsive. Although he had this negative self view of himself, others described him as chill and laid back.

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