Review Of ' Genesis ' And ' The Garden Of Eden '

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The beginning of The Bible, it starts out with Pentateuch, which refers to the first five books of the Christian Bible, Pentateuch is a Greek word that means “five scrolls”, which also refers to the compromise of the Torah. The first five books of The Bible are “Genesis”, “Exodus”, “Job”, “Psalms”, and “Song of Songs”. The Hebrews considered Pentateuch as the Torah which also means law because they believed that it was handed down to Moses by God. In each of the books that is in The Bible, there are symbols or signs that God has an agreement with humans but they change throughout the Pentateuch. In “Genesis”, God forbids Adam and Eve to eat from the fruit trees in The Garden of Eden, but there comes a snake that deceives Eve into eating from the fruit on the tree. The serpent made it seem like God’s request was absurd by rewording what God said. The Garden of Eden is express to be a paradise in literature and art but it also symbolizes the loss of paradise. Happiness and peace will be difficult to find now because they would have to live like a mortal. Adam and Eve will die, endless of work to do, and feel shame like a regular human. They will also be aware nudity and Eve will experience the pain of childbirth. Soon Cain will kill his brother due to overdose on jealously and introduce the world to violence. The fruit from the tree symbolizes temptation and giving into temptation because Eve was tempted to eat from the tree that was banned by God but with a little help
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