Review Of George Braque 's ' The Artist Who Painted Their Artwork '

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Clarissa Kirsch-Downs
Dr. Conaty
ARTH 150
8 December 2015
In art history 150, we are learning about different artworks and the strategies of the artist who painted their artwork. I selected my artwork because of the funky style and mystery behind the painting itself. It’s very unordinary and makes one think about what it could possibly be but after analyzing and understanding the title, then one can determine what the artwork is. My response to it was, ‘I have to write about this artwork’ and I had that response because it was very unique to me and we learned about cubism in class which overall determined my motivation to write about it. My painting is The Table by George Braque. The artist uses lines all over his artwork so it can draw the viewer’s eyes. There are many directional lines to indicate the table in the painting. The directional lines are horizontal starting from the middle and brings my eyes down to the bottom of the table where the legs are. There are jagged and wavy lines throughout the painting to show the shape of the different shapes and these lines also bring your eyes to the bottom of the table legs. The lines, like wavy, horizontal and jagged lines, all overlap each other to show the different shapes on top of the table in an avant-garde way because one may think there are multiple tables, but it is different contours because of the lines that connect it. The lines are helpful to a viewer who is looking at artwork The Table, because their eyes…

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