Review Of George Orwell 's ' The Road '

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Review on George Orwell – The Road to Wigan Pier Course – BA Hons (With foundation) Community studies. Health, youth, and community Module – Reading Modern Society Tutor – Wendy Bateman Student ID – 1608296 Submission Date – Tuesday 6th December 2016 Describe and illustrate an informed opinion based on research and analysis of evidence Analyse information, experiences, and article reasoned arguments through reflection, review and evaluation. Demonstrate an introductory understanding of research and its application in practice Plan, prepare and write a review of a piece of social science literature The introduction must set the scene for the reader. It should describe why the report has been written, give background information on the subject matter, and explain the method of investigation used along with key ideas. Introduction I will describe and illustrate an informed opinion based on George Orwell. I will be investigating George Orwell’s approach to socialism. In addition, I will be discovering George Orwell’s personal experiences and views on George Orwell the road to Wigan pier. In addition, I will be investigating how life was for working class people in the 1930’s living in slums. Moreover, I will be illustrating George Orwell’s personal and professional life before writing the book ‘the Road to Wigan Pier’. The context of the book when it was written? What was happening at the time in social, political or cultural

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