Review Of ' Gone Girl '

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Anastasia Makroliolios Thriller Critique Task Gone Girl (2014) Mr Rhys Cassidy 12B 2015 Sir Alfred Hitchcock, director of several of the very first thriller films including his silent film The Lodger (1926), is believed to be the “Master of Suspense” (Ramirez Berg, 2015). Hitchcock was integral in creating the codes the codes and conventions of the thriller genre. These codes and conventions can be seen in some of Hitchcock’s films such as Vertigo (1958), Rope (1948) and Psycho (1960) as well as in every other thriller film. Some other conventions of the thriller genre include low key lighting, tense music and montages. All of these conventions are used in both Fincher’s Gone Girl and in many of Hitchcock’s films such as Rear Window (1954), The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) and North by Northwest (1959) to ensure that their films can be considered as thriller films. Genre is used throughout Hollywood in order to make it easier for the directors to convey what type of movie it is to the people who wish to view their films. There are many directors, past and present who have helped mould the codes and conventions of the thriller genre. One of those is Harold Lloyd. Lloyd used very minimalistic versions of the present day codes and conventions of the thriller genre. In Lloyd’s silent film Safety Last (1923) the idea of a man hanging from a clock tower above a busy town was terrifying in those years, especially because it wasn’t computer generated.
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