Review Of ' Grave Of The Fireflies ' And The Picture Of ' Accidental Napalm '

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According to Oxford Dictionary, the definition of text is ‘A book or other written or printed work, regarded in terms of its content rather than its physical form’. Text have been presented in a numerous different of ways to reflect the particular topics in the world. In this essay, the specific type of text will be discussed and examined to be able to understand its meaning and the way it could be able to have more than one level of interpretation. The two texts which will used in this essay are the film ‘Grave of the fireflies’ and the picture of ‘Accidental napalm’. ‘Grave of the fireflies is the realistic drama which focusing on the story of the fourteen-year-old Seita and his four-year-old sister suffering and eventual starvation deaths by the World War II. In the photo of Napalm Girl which released on the June 9, 1972 about the image of nine-year-old South Vietnamese girl who running naked on the road way to get away from an American napalm strike with her body got on fire, arms outstretched and face contorted in pain. Both of the texts are captured international attention, and they have the effect the world not only by physical way but as well as psychological and emotional effects when the texts was released at the first time. This essay will listed out both of the texts’ theme, its contents, its effectiveness and the value of its meaning to the world after they got released. Firstly, the impact of the war on children is the theme represented in both of the texts.

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