Review Of Heinz Hankammer 's Company Essay

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Part 1: Overview/Background Brita was founded in 1966 by Heinz Hankammer. A German company that specializes in water filtration products. The Clorox Company here in the United States entered into a licensing-and-distribution agreement with Brita in 1988 and soon after acquired the sole rights to the brand in North America but in 2008, Brita returned to the North American market under the brand Mavea. Brita’s products include water jugs, tap attachments and kettles. Brita’s main headquarters are located in Taunusstein, Germany and other than in Germany, the company has major production facilities are in Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Brita’s products are distributed worldwide, reaching more than 60 countries and are sales partners in more than 45 countries. The filtering mechanism that makes Brita’s products so effective is their silver-impregnated activated carbon and ion-exchange resin disposable filters. That means that the filters have a double action force that first the carbon removes substances that may impair taste (chlorine and chlorine compounds) and then the ion exchange resin is used to reduce the carbonate hardness (limescale) found in tap water. This reduces metals that can be found in tap water such as copper and lead. Brita was founded in 1966 and soon after in 1970, Brita invented the water filter jug for households use. By 1980, Brita started to expand its business internationally. Today, 82% of Brita’s business is done overseas. In 2004, Brita

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