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In High School I met this guy named Tyler. He was a really nice guy and a very intelligent person. I met him in my sophomore English class. You can say that he was a little on the “weird” side as what people said in my high school. The reason he was so different and treated so poorly by kids in my school because he was a Transgendered. He would always get made fun of because he was a female dressed as a guy, acted like a guy when she was “technically a girl”. His original name as a girl was Tyler, but he didn’t change his name because he felt that Tyler was either a guy or a girls name so she decided to stick with the same name. I don’t know why people would treat Tyler with poor respect, because he was not classified as a normal person.…show more content…
I want to know how they handle all the bullying and how they get through being treated different than everyone else.

I did my research on Opposing Viewpoints database to help answer my question. The first article I found was “There is No Such thing as ‘Transgender’.” This article shows the opinion of Thaddeus Baklinski on his views of Transgenders. He uses Dr. Joseph Berger’s research to back up his opinion on his beliefs that Transgenders are just unhappy and can be treated as a mental illness. After reading this article, I found an article titled, “Transgender People Should Not Be Labeled with Mental Disorders.” This article gives the opinion Kelley Winter who is a founder of a gender activism group GID. She talks about how being labeled with a mental illness harms Transgenders. My last article was “Transgender People Suffer from Gender Identity Disorders.” I chose this article goes into detail about what Gender Identity disorder is and details about how they are treated. It talks about how Transgenders feel and what happens to them after being treated different.

I wasn’t anxious into going into my research because I have had some background giving to me, but I was kind of excited to learn more information about Transgenders.

The first article I read was “There is No Such Thing as “Transgender”,” by Thaddeus Baklinski. Bakinski who is a staff
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