Review Of ' International Journal Of Plasticity '

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Image Text BoxPROGRAMME: MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TOPIC: NANOCRYSTALLINE JOURNAL TITLE: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PLASTICITY GROUP LEADER: LEE SZE FAYE (ME094611) MEMBERS: 1) CHEH SONG DING (ME094638) 2) NG PEI EN (ME094686) 3) KENNEDY CHIAN TENG WEI (ME094835) 4) ABUL QASIM BIN PUTEH (ME094993) LECTURER: MS.YEE CHIEW LING, VIVIAN DATE OF SUBMISSION: INTRODUCTION: An action plan is a process which will help us in deciding the steps needed to be taken and act as a guideline to achieve our desires in life. In this context, our objective will be to finish our project paper on time with sensible and rational goals planned to be completed each week. With that being said, it is obvious that “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” as quoted from Benjamin Franklin might apply to us if we do not plan our series of action discreetly. As such, on the day our group was formed, we exchanged contacts information with each other to ease group meetings and discussions about the progress of our project paper. Besides that, we compare our class schedules to determine the vacant time of each of our member to have meetings and to work on our project paper by preparing blocks of time for ourselves. By having the blocks of time scheduled, members of the group will be less likely to procrastinate on the given task and will try their best to finish specified tasks on time. Also, members’ commitment can be
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