Review Of ' Invisible Horizon ' True Mysteries Of The Sea '

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Review of Literature
I. Introduction to the Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is a legendary mythological section of the Atlantic Ocean, made up of triangle formed by Miami, Florida; San Juan Puerto Rico; and the islands of the Bahamas. The triangle cover about five-hundred thousand (500,000) square miles of the ocean. The phrase “Bermuda Triangle” was first coined by Vincent H. Gaddis. He was writing an article for Argosy magazine back in 1964. The article was received exceptionally well by audiences and, due to its success, was later expanded to be published into his book entitled “Invisible Horizon: True Mysteries of the Sea”. The book was published in 1965, and included nine (9) accounts if this phenomenon in extensive detail. In December of 1967, Gaddis’ book was in the lime light because of a National Geographic Society news release. Numerous newspapers headlined stories about the Bermuda Triangle also in that December. La ter, in 1968, The Triangle was a cover story for Argosy, as well as in the book “Limbo of the Lost” (1969) written by John Wallace Spencer, and in a documentary motion picture called “The Devil’s Triangle”. Charles Berliz wrote a book titled “The Bermuda Triangle”, it was an instant hit! Later it was discovered that some of the assertions were fabricated, and proved to be incorrect. It may come as a surprise, but Christopher Columbus was actually one of the firsts to ever…
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