Essay Review Of ?Lawrence Of Arabia?

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Review of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’

     The movie Lawrence of Arabia had many interesting aspects about it and, according to sources, is very historically accurate. Taken place during WW with the feud between British and Turkish forces over the Suez Canal, the movie reflects a life of an individual who tries to do something about the injustice of the Arabian people. David Lean depicts Lawrence or El Lawrence as the tragic hero of the biography in order to make the story more enchanting to the reader.

     Lean depicts Lawrence as the classic tragic hero by first making him of noble race. Lawrence himself is enrolled in the British army and is stationed at Cairo. Lawrence,
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     Another trait of a tragic hero that Lean depicts Lawrence of having is a tragic flaw. Lawrence’s tragic flaw is quite obvious in this biography, it is simply that he believes he can make Arabia an independent state. Little does Lawrence know, because it would seem almost impossible to make all of Arabia agree under one government. Lawrence is displayed as a tragic hero who’s only wish is to promote the miracle of Arabian independence. He tries to show the world as well as the British that the Arabians are worthy of independence on a number of occasions. First, he takes fifty warriors from Prince Feisel across the Nefud Desert to Aqaba to take it from land where the Turks would not expect it. Lawrence does this to show everyone that the Arabians are not worthless and deserve and independent state. To the amazement of everyone he makes it across the Nefud Desert and takes Aqaba with the help of a local tribe. Another incident(s) of Lawrence trying to prove the worth of the Arabians is the ambushing of trains. In order to prove the worth of the Arabians, Lawrence tries to involve them in the ambushing of trains, to prove they can survive on their own. To his dismay, the Arabians show him just what is going to happen when, after they loot the trains and take everything they need, they go home.

     Lawrence’s last two traits of a tragic hero are that of recognizing your flaw and dying as

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