Review Of Literature On Restaurant Service

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Literature Review In the past decade, China’s demand for catering services witnesses a double-digit rise (HKTDC Research, 2013). According to the restaurant markets in China report, it states that the demand for restaurant services will increase continuously at around 9% by 2023 (Reuters, 2014). First, the increasing demand results from the fast development of society. Nowadays, people are able to improve the living standard and have more disposable income. Middle-level citizens pursue the quality of life; therefore they patronize various restaurants and have different experiences. Also, the increase in middle-level population with the purchasing power leads to the rise in eating out frequency (HKTDC Research, 2013). In addition, in a highly competitive catering industry, the restaurant makes great effort to provide the…show more content…
The Zauo official website states (n.d.) that he owner not only constructs a big boat-shape dining and fishing area in the restaurant but also installs a fish tank to create an unforgettable environment for consumers. Consumers are able to buy the bait and rent fishing rods for free. They are encouraged to catch their favorite fish with a cheaper price instead of ordering the fish caught by the staff because the owner of the restaurant tries to promote this special experience. The staff shares the joy with customers when they successfully catch the fish by beating the drum. Later, consumers can customize the way of cooking based on the menu. Meanwhile, for those who are not interested in indoor fishing or don’t have enough time, they can just order the delicacy without fishing. This restaurant successfully attracts lots of families with children as well as foreigners. Zauo official website states that 90% customers enjoy fishing in the restaurant. Undoubtedly, it is a place for eating, sightseeing and entertaining with
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