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Types of salt: Iodized table salt: This is the most type of salt used in homes and kitchens. It is called “Iodized” because today, most salt manufacturers fortify the salt with mineral Iodine. It is an essential mineral for fighting off certain Iodine-related diseases like hypothyroidism. There’s also another natural way to get this important mineral into someone’s system by eating more seaweed, which is rich in Iodine.
Sea Salt:
Made from evaporated water in the sea. Their are larger and coarser crystals of salt then Iodized table salt. Sea salt originated from Brittany, France. Sea salt is also 2,000 years old and it is foreign.
Kosher Salt: Kosher salt dissolves really fast. This is the type of salt that most chefs use. It is found from the sea or the earth. Brands like Morton and Diamond crystal sells this type of salt. Kosher salt got its name because the crystals make it perfect for curing meat. You can buy Kosher salt in any local supermarket. Crystalline sea salt: Good for using in foods like a fresh salad, salmon fillet, etc. Its origin are the coasts from Portugal to Maine. The texture of the Crystalline sea salt is fine. It also varies in color depending on the minerals it contains. This type of salt can be bought online. It’ll be about $2-$15 depending on how many pounds someone orders. Flaked sea salt: Good for bringing a complex flavor to steamed vegetables or shellfish. Crushing this type of salt between the fingers and letting it
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