Review Of ' Lyft ' Me Up ' Entering A New Market '

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‘Lyft’ me up; entering a new market Introduction Lyft is a private San Francisco based Transportation Network Company which was initiated in 2007 as a Zimride, founded by Logan Green and John Zimmer. The motto of the company is “your friend with a car”. This company is based in an online enabled platform where the passenger is connected with the drivers using the non-commercial vehicles. Generally, Lyft has been the ride-sharing company operating in different cities of the US and recently on July 2014, it has re-launched in New York City. Lyft uses pink moustache as a logo in front of their service car. Finance Every business has their own capital funding. The main strategy is to offer a friendly, safe and affordable transportation. They…show more content…
Recently, it is going to implement oracle human capital management system that helps to collect data and analytics for picking up the right candidates. Lyft has been one of the growing ride-sharing network in the market place that has changed the way of viewing the transportation. It generally hires the privately owned drivers for transportation which is completely different from its other ride-sharing competitors. In the case study, the way of the business functions has been highly affected as it was launched in New York City. It had to run its business using licensed driver through the City’s Taxis and Limousine Commission. It had to hire the drivers that fulfilled the host requirements such as; passing the drug test, attending driving course in every three years and finger printed. Instead of the bumpy start the business is ploughing its way to be one of the best ride-sharing network in New York City. Stakeholders Stakeholders are the significant part whose actions determine the outcomes of your business actions. Stakeholder are very critical to the success of actions in the business. Stakeholder management is one of the basic requirement for making big difference in the outcome of business decisions. Stakeholder’s analysis is the way to identify the key factors whose influence will have a greater impact that helps to plan the support to get success. There are the benefits of stakeholder’s analysis such as; it helps to improve the

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