Review Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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Novel vs. Film

What do you think about the Frankenstein novel and movies? Frankenstein is a famous horror novel written by Mary Shelley. There are two versions of the book, the originally published in 1818 and then a revised version that was published in 1831. Mary Shelley depicts a man named Victor Frankenstein, who discover the secret of animating lifeless matter by a collection of dead body parts. He creates a creature, and he does not teach the creature anything. The creature is rejected by society. As the result of this is, the creature vows revenge on Victor Frankenstein. The novel shows that monster is intellect and speech. There are different film versions of the novel, but in many of them turns out the monster does not know how to speak. The films are considerably different than the Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein novel. The novel has involved more emotions than films. Mary Shelley provides the reader with a more complex relationship between Victor and the monster, but films just depicted simplified story line. I would use the James Whale 1931 film compare to the novel. Compare to the novel and film, the monster is depicted in different manners, leading the role of monster to be different interpreted. It considers much different than Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein novel. James Whale directed the 1931 film version of Frankenstein. The main character is named Henry Frankenstein. They change up the name with Victor’s best friend. That is
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