Review Of ' Mk Ultra Exposed ' All Across The World Wild '

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MK-Ultra Exposed All across the world wild, stories of mind control have been a popular theme in comics, television, and books. Stories of coercion- to do unspeakable things to themselves and loved ones- is present in many science fiction sources of entertainment. Scarily, it’s not just fiction. Years ago, conspiracies of the government conducting mind control experiments seemed to be a terrifying rumor. Recently, the public, including myself, has learned that this not just a rumour. Money from the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) was being used to fund experiments to perform mind control. People were becoming lab rats forced to do as the government wished. This terrifying reality was all happening under noses. Needless to say, this…show more content…
More information, such as why it became public, also seemed to be necessary. At first, my goal was to get a general understanding of the experiments. Beginning with a simple search of MK-Ultra, I found much a lot information on my subject. Sadly, most of the information was blocked from the school leading to a lot of at home studying on the topic. Studying dark government secrets did not seem to be a goal for Freeburg Community High School’s curriculum. Next came a surprisingly easy part, I had decide my overall goal of what I wanted to learn about MK-Ultra. However, it broke down into two parts that, personally, seemed most important. First, I was curious on how the were able to successfully control another’s mind. Second, knowledge on the victims needed to be learned- such as why they were chosen, what tasks they did during mind control, and what became of them. Finding stories of the victims was the most challenging since it was so heavily blocked. Furthermore, the internet had an abundance of information on this topic. Many articles, book excerpts, and old newspaper pages helped me find what I needed. Unfortunately, a large portion of the articles were simply articles stating that happened. Knowing that it had happened had no longer become my goal. My goal was to really understand how this happened and what happened to the victims. Google had become like a teacher that answers every question but the one I

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