Mickshi Tajiri Personality

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Mr. Satoshi Tajiri is a Japanese video game designer well-known as the creator of the multibillion dollar franchise, Pokémon, as well as the founder of video game developer, Gamefreak. In addition, Tajiri worked on several other video game projects that include Mario spin-offs and The Legend of Zelda. In this paper, I will describe Satoshi’s personality based on Henry Murray’s system of needs involving achievement motivation. First, I will describe Murray’s system of needs and emphasize the importance of achievement motivation in detail. Next, I will explain the level that Satoshi’s personality traits align with a need for achievement using his history and his general nature as examples. Then, I will interpret how Tajiri has demonstrated achievement motivation through the success of his work. Finally, I will conclude how Satoshi Tajiri’s high level of achievement motivation affects every aspect of his day-to-day life and how it influences his fans to achieve as well.
Influenced by both psychoanalytic and trait concepts of personality, Henry Murray believed that human needs are the basic elements of personality. Murray categorized human needs into two groups: viscerogenic needs and psychogenic needs. Psychogenic needs are what Murray mostly focused his work on and describe, a “readiness to respond in a certain way under certain given conditions” (1938, pg. 124). He listed 27 psychogenic needs, including the need for achievement, and created his system of needs theory. In
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