Review Of National Food Plan For Australia

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Review of National Food Plan for Australia


Since ancient times, food has been a fundamental requirement for the survival of human being. Nowadays, in addition to solving the problem of hunger, safe and nutritious food becomes fundamental to human health. In Australia, a great variety of food is produced every year based on the diverse geography and climate, and this is helpful to the high level of food security. In order to create more social, economic and environmental benefits, it is necessary for Australia to meet the global challenges, such as food security, and seize the opportunities for the development of Australian food system. Addressing the challenges of food security will primarily require increased food production without further damage to the environment, and take other natural resources and social and economic factors into account. The rise of Asia will pose profound effects on the food system in Australia because of the expanding Asian middle class and growing markets with high-value food products. This will be an important opportunity for Australian food industry in the future. To seize this opportunity in the context of competition, Australia have to build on their strengths and develop the food production system. Thus, Australia’s first National Food Plan has been developed by Australian Government on the basis of Australia in the Asian Century White Paper and extensive public consultation.

National Food Plan for Australia

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