Review Of ' Nights On The Weekend '

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nights on the weekend. These short sessions lasted roughly an hour to two and a half hours and took place during times when The Bar was very busy. These short periods of observation acted as snapshots and were important for gauging the perceived demographics of The Bar’s customers as well as aiding in determining trends in times when the activity at The Bar peaked or decreased.
As noted above, the number of printed materials from official media sources that contain information on The Bar are negligible. While The Bar is mentioned in travel guides geared towards gay tourists, there is generally only one short sentence to describe the business. The language is extremely sterile and outside of the address there is no other information given.
The number of online articles that contain information regarding The Bar is somewhat larger, but is still small in comparison to other businesses in the area. The brunt of these few sources primarily contain information on the physical space of The Bar rather than the human element. However, it must be noted that the tone in which the articles are written ranges from fairly neutral to positive. The articles that dealt with the procurement of the property that The Bar is located at or the legal issues that occurred just before and during said procurement consisted mainly of interviews with Steven. In these articles both Steven and the writer use positive language and discuss the future of The Bar rather than focusing on…
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