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us, in other vehicles, off road vehicles, marine engines, agricultural engines, and stationary power systems. The Racor Filter Division is supported by Parker Hannifin’s Sales Company network which has an international presence. Distributors for Parker Hannifin are located in 49 countries and are able to support 145 divisions with 341 manufacturing locations worldwide very efficiently. For over forty years, Parker Hannifin Racor Division has been the only brand of fuel filtration systems that has earned the confidence and respect of engine and equipment builders, owners and operators around the world. The reason that consumers are loyal to the products from Racor is because of the high quality that is built into each of their products.…show more content…
Being able to obtain patents is a very indispensable step of the design process at Racor. Patents benefit the customers by allowing Racor to preserve profitable market sales and securing proper replacement parts that are then installed on equipment. Ever since Racor Manufacturing has been in the market; they have been the industry leader of filtrations manufacturing for decades and they want to make sure they continue to see increased success and revenue. In order to provide continuous growth, Racor is able to keep constantly making process improvements, modifying their strategic plan and is able to set new objectives with the changing times. The current strategic plan is to strengthen the brand and that gives it an advantage in the marketplace also by introducing environmentally beneficial products, and building a known leadership in the production of fuel filters. Objective According to Racor General Manager Brian Hook, the objectives at Racor are to have a $50 million operating income, increase their market share by 30%, increase employee satisfaction and productivity by 20%, and reduce operating costs by 15% by integrating current manufacturing procedures. In order to execute their strategic plan successfully, Racor needs to introduce empowered focused development teams to help convey the roadmap for improvement as well as unify all of the organization in order to

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